How Arthrostim can improve mobility in the spine.


Arthrostim is a modern chiropractic tool and technique to realign the spine and increase mobility. Many people know that chiropractic treatment can help return mobility and functionality. However, most people usually relate chiropractic treatment to twisting and pulling in a certain direction. Arthrostim takes a different and calculated approach that avoids the twisting, popping, and snapping of manual adjustments. Increase comfort without compromising the effectiveness of the treatment.

The Arthrostim Tool

Traditional manual adjustments are a safe and effective method of providing relief. However, some patients have conditions or sensitivities in certain areas that can limit their range of motion or make traditional adjustments uncomfortable. With modern advances in chiropractic care technology, new treatment methods and tools are often being made. Dr. Daniel Danieley of Kinetic Spine & Sport of Weddington, NC has trained and mastered the Arthrostim method to provide yet another pain relief and mobility-increasing treatment option.

The Arthrostim instrument is a portable device that provides calculated strikes at certain pressures. With about 12-14 strokes per second and several different attachments, Dr. Danieley can use high-frequency striking to provide effective muscle and spinal manipulation. The gentle and repetitive taps replace the quick single thrust done by hand. 

The gentle, yet effective, movement is a great alternative to traditional adjustments for those who may be pregnant, have osteoporosis, and or are sensitive in certain areas.

How Does Arthrostim Work?

Pulsating at a low beta somatic motor neuron level, your neurological system recognizes the frequency and the attempt at correction of the treatment area. As a result, the signals can lead to increase healing in that area as well as longer-lasting results after treatment. 

Another extreme benefit of Arthrostim is its portability and maneuverability during treatment. This advantage allows treatment to be done when lying still on a treatment table or while stretching or moving. Dr. Daniely can then target certain areas better than if you were simply on your back, side, or stomach. Providing adjustments in a stretching position allows easier or more direct access to muscles or joints that need attention. 

Additionally, the range of attachments can provide steady relaxation to multiple muscles in the body. All of these benefits add to performance enhancements to accelerate recovery and restore optimal range of motion. 

Spine Mobility

Mobility is your ability to move comfortably. This does not only mean how well you can perform an exercise or activity but also how comfortably you can perform simple daily tasks. If a person’s mobility is poor, it can affect everyday activities like showering, walking, climbing stairs, or even just standing for long periods. 

The human body is full of many moving parts that work together to create fluid movement. When an certain area is compromised, other parts of the body tend to compensate. Overcompensation and leaving the problem area untreated can cause additional mobility issues in the compensating areas. This is a common problem and usually takes a keen and experienced doctor to find the original problem area and appropriate treatment plan.

Spine mobility is one of the most important areas for maintaining a comfortable range of motion as it is a part of your body that is used in almost every movement of the body. When the lumbar or thoracic spinal areas are affected, a person can feel discomfort all over their body. For instance, spinal mobility issues can lead to hip or knee pain as your body adjusts and compensates for the lack of mobility. 

As you age, mobility throughout your body may decline. Prevention and maintenance can improve mobility issues or keep you moving without major issues. 

The Arthrostim tool is an excellent tool to ensure spinal mobility. Whether you already have poor spinal mobility or you can feel the issues arising, the benefits of precision adjustments can provide instant and long-lasting relief as well as increased mobility. 

Who Can Benefit From The Arthrostim Tool?

Arthrostim chiropractic adjustment can help a wide range of patients. This includes:

  • People with low pain tolerance

  • People with high sensitivity (generally or in treatment areas)

  • Children

  • Elderly patients

  • People who are in severe pain or discomfort

  • People who prefer not to twist or feel the thrusting adjustments

  • Patients who have neck or spinal injuries & discomfort

  • People who have a large muscle mass which may be difficult to treat manually