3 Phases of Sports Medicine Care

3 Phases of Sports Medicine

Sports medicine is a branch of medicine that deals with physical fitness and the treatment and prevention of injuries related to sports and exercise. However, sports medicine is not just for professional athletes. At Kinetic Spine & Sports of Weddington, NC, Dr. Danieley provides professional chiropractic care with a focus on the treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries. Whether you were injured lifting weights or lifting your children, Dr. Danieley can help.

Phase 1: Symptomatic Care

The first phase is all about providing relief and eliminating pain. With a holistic approach, Dr. Danieley is diagnosing & treating the main cause(s) of the pain. Referred pain in one area can simply be a symptom of an injury or larger concern in another area. Finding the cause will allow the doctor to create the appropriate treatment & symptom management plan. Oftentimes, the treatment in the causal area will provide relief throughout the body as different muscles have been forced to compensate for the injury. Many people with recurring pain have simply focused on the pain area and not on the causes which can provide long-term relief.

Once things have been figured out, pain and inflammation management is the next step. You may already be feeling better, but it is common for our bodies to have a delayed response to adjustments or injuries. Dr. Danieley may use and recommend a few different inflammation medications and stretches or mobility exercise to assist the natural healing process of the body.

He will relieve and eliminate pain and inflammation, by using various treatment solutions that speed up and assist the natural healing of the body.

Phase 2: Corrective Care

Corrective Care is about improvement. Improvement in things like:

Corrective care is as important, if not more important than symptom care. Once the symptoms are gone, many people forget or ignore the events that lead up to the injury. They also forget that the absence of pain does not mean that they are 100% recovered from the initial injury. Continuing on the 3 phase process helps achieve lasting health results and prevents future injury.

Phase 2 includes physical therapy, tracking progress, inflammation management, relapse management, and strengthening. At home or with Dr. Danieley, you will need to follow the stretching and strengthening regimen given to you by Dr. Danieley to improve and heal. Throughout this phase, you will notice less pain, increased mobility, and an overall sense that you have overcome the injury.

Phase 3: Maintenance and Wellness

This is the long game, but with minimal check-ins. Combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, Dr. Danieley recommends you check in and complete a functional assessment every few months to ensure that your body is in peak condition and there are no areas compensating for the weakness or sensitivity in other areas. This stage also includes preventative care which includes regular chiropractic adjustments to realign and rebalance your body & back. Prevention is the best policy and can lead to better results over time and lower downtime caused by injury, fatigue, imbalance, and over-exersion.

At Kinetic Spine & Sports, we are dedicated to the relief of pain, restoration of health, and enhancement of human performance. If you are experiencing pain or have a question about your health and mobility, schedule an appointment with Dr. Danieley and start moving freely again.