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Treatments in the early and late stages of the sprain include:

  • Protect with athletic tape, removable air cast, loose-lace up support
  • Rest – possible use of crutches, but wean off ASAP
  • Ice – 20 min on, 1-hour intervals to control inflammation, this is most important for the first 24 hours
  • Compression – elastic wrap or sleeve
  • Elevate – helps control swelling
  • Diolase10 Class IV Laser – Speeds up Mitochondrial ATP production, reduces swelling and nerve pain
  • Pulsed ultra sound indirect in cold water
  • Pain free active range of motion (can use slushy ice bucket), tilt your ankle up and down and side to side, the movement will help control swelling, will help prevent muscle splinting, and will help get blood to the area (we heal with what’s in our blood – so eat healthy!)
  • Electrotherapy (IFC/EMS) – helps with pain control and will also indirectly decrease muscle splinting
  • Kinesiotape / Rock Tape – help with inflammatory fluid drainage, will also help restore normal muscle tension, restore appropriate nervous system feedback to help improve proprioception (that is how your body knows where it is in space)
  • Osseous Manipulation – Once the swelling is gone and the pain diminished get adjusted! It is a very safe procedure, and it feels great! This will dramatically affect alignment of your joints, help allow correct muscle tension on the joints, and will help restore normal muscle receptor feedback (golgi tendons and muscle spindles) to your brain. 
  • Anti – inflammation nutrition:
  • Isometric exercises – contract the different muscle of the foot without moving your foot
  • Continue weight-bearing walking (once swelling and pain have diminished)
  • Running in swimming pool
  • Ice after exercise
  • Toe raises – flat ground – progress to step
  • Balance drills – Pineapple Whole Body Vibration System (available at Kinetic Spine and Sports), wobble board, rocker board, balance sandals (lots of different exercises can be done with these tools depending on the type of injury) doing these drills will help you regain your confidence that your ankle is back to normal.
  • Late rehab includes more balance, coordination drills, and muscle strengthening. 
  • Vitamin C. Take 1,000mg to 3,000mg / day.
  • EPA/DHA or Omega3’s (fish oil). Take 1,500 mg to 3,000mg / day.
  • Bromalain. Take 2,000mg / day.