Meet Sam Marmol

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“I knew I had the right therapist after ten minutes Sam worked on me. Having been a massage therapist for five years prior to becoming a chiropractor, I have had hundreds of hours of therapy work done. Being a little critical and experienced, I was quick to recognize Sam’s very unique skill set and his ability to diagnose the source cause of conditions. I couldn’t be happier having him join our team, as he adds a valuable part of the healing process, as well as a good sense of humor and fun to the office.”
Personal Testimony from Dr. Daniel Danieley

Sam’s parents immigrated to the United States from El Salvador during the Civil War of 1979. He grew up in the boroughs of New York / Long Island with a desire to experience more out of life. His dad, working in the factory all day, used to ask Sam to massage his legs and feet after a grueling day of work. Acknowledging his son’s inherent skill set encouraged and inspired Sam towards a path later in life.

Born legally blind, Sam’s sense of touch is exceptionally deft, allowing him to find deep rooted issues within the musculoskeletal system and giving him a huge advantage when helping people with pain and injuries. In addition to years of clinical experience and education, Sam’s innate sense of touch and how it relates to treating a person is truly his own.

Upon certification in medical massage, sports massage, reflexology and neuromuscular disorders he also began studying and incorporating hand-crafted herbal and essential oil ingredients, developing a remedy to help treat issues with pain and injury. 

Utilizing his vast knowledge of techniques in conjunction with his herbal lotion, Sam has taken his craft to the next level. His massage and bodywork therapy has become a “one of a kind” experience through his constant growth and development as a therapist and healing practitioner. 

Sam Marmol’s herbal remedy, MarmolAid™, is the result of over 10 years of research and development. When Sam first created this therapeutic herbal remedy, he wanted a holistic topical remedy designed specifically for deep absorption within the muscles, tendons and ligaments with long lasting results to relieve inflammation, tension and pain. Over the years, Sam has continually improved and refined the formula using Organic herbs, minerals and Essential Oils of the highest quality, in order to create an extraordinary topical remedy. What makes Sam Marmol’s holistic herbal remedy a uniquely effective formula are the years of experience with hands-on usage and testing that he has invested in its development.

Whether your body needs pampering or healing, you will benefit exponentially from any time spent in the hands of this amazing practitioner and his remarkable product, MarmolAid™.

Sam Marmol has over 15 years of hands-on experience with pain and injury management through massage and bodywork therapy. 

Sam states one of his most important successes in life is being a father and marrying his wife and best friend. When he’s not helping others out of pain, he enjoys spending his time divulging in music, reading / listening to scripture, lifting weights and dabbling in art and other creative outlets.

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