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Our practice specializes in treating a variety of conditions. We treat patients daily who suffer from chronic lower back and neck pain, headaches, repetitive stress disorders, work injuries and whiplash. Our care is unique. We provide for our patients excellent chiropractic care, physiotherapy methodologies, exercise therapy, as well as professional ergonomic advice.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of chiropractic care possible by utilizing the latest and most proven methods. To do this we must not only treat the specific conditions, but also take the time to engage each individual with a customized care plan that gives that patient the best chance at remaining well.  Education during ongoing care is a goal that will reduce the patients need for the doctor’s care and help them become more independent, confident, and healthy individuals. Our tools to accomplish this include high quality specific corrective chiropractic care, customized nutritional programs, physiotherapy, muscle therapy, acupuncture, exercise consulting, and ongoing patient education on various health and wellness related topics.

Our office has extensive interaction with all specialties in the medical profession. We accept chiropractic patients from other professionals as well as refer patients for consultations in non-chiropractic cases. Our goals are to work together to promote the best health care possible for all patients.

We will treat you on your first visit, provide high quality care and service that is focused on getting
you back to doing what you love.


Office Hours

Weddington Location  
1928 Monroe-Weddington Rd,
Weddington NC 28104

Monday 8am-12pm & 1pm to 7pm
Wednesday 8am-12pm & 1pm-7pm
Thursday 3pm-7pm
Friday 8am-1pm

Indian Land Location  
5090 Ridgeline Ln,
Indian Land SC 29707. 

Tuesday 8am-12pm & 3:30pm - 7:30pm
Thursday 8am - 12pm